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Monday, June 1, 2015
He is an ordinary man with an extraordinary son. Every bone broken, a heart that is equally defective, and a one of a kind brain. There may be a few like him in the world, but Austin is the force of nature to this story... however, it's much more than this one boy. It's a love story steeped in addiction, pain, and faith and stories the average man can all relate to. Forced by his self-imposed demons... to the point of losing it all. The Unbreakable Boy shows all how "Unbreakable" resides in every family and we are all messed-up, flawed, crazy, and defective. In the end this whacky family shows us all how we may bend but can rise above it all and remain unbroken. The Unbreakable Boy, a story you may not believe, and it may be tough to read, but when you're done you'll see it's not so different than your crazy, mixed-up, and flawed thing you call your family.

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